What is a “Pantry Challenge” and What Have I Done?

The Saturday after Christmas, I saw a post from someone I follow on Instagram saying they were going to begin a pantry challenge, and asked who wanted to join along.

I had just spent the last couple of days in a bit of a daze, after the blizzard and septic failure, and when the last of the company had returned home, I looked – in total awe – at the copious amounts of leftover food in our fridge.

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Seasons on the Homestead: Winter

Homestead Winter

It’s the start of a new year and the messy middle of one of the strongest seasons we’ve come to appreciate around these parts: Winter.

No doubt you’ve read about, or possibly even heard about, the post-Christmas blizzard event that leveled me humble in so many ways. As they say here, “Uffda.”

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The End: 2018

It was a great year. It was a grievous year. It was an excruciating and an endearing year. It was 2018.

The end of the year saw us hosting my extended family for Christmas, 21 people in all. I planned ahead, I had every detail accounted for, and for the first time in my hospitable adulthood life, I was not the least bit stressed about it.

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A Big House on a Little Prairie Update: 1 Year, 1 Difficult Loss

It’s been just over a week since Farmer John passed away. I find myself thinking of things I need to ask him, or trying to remember to tell him something the next time I see him walking out to his shop… only to realize that won’t happen.

It’s been a little surreal. I’m in denial in a lot of ways – it simply doesn’t seem possible he passed away. We had too much to share with him. He had so much to help us with.

And yet day by day, I recount how long it has been since I last talked to him. Since the last time I saw him. Since his funeral.

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When You’re A Part of Something More

part of something more

When we moved here almost a year ago, there was a certain sense of excitement and freedom.

We had lived in #littleapartmentontheprairie for two-and-a-half years, which was two years longer than we had planned. Moving out of there, of course, brought it’s own degree of freedom, but there was a restlessness I wasn’t aware I had.

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The Chickens Came Before The Eggs

eggs chickens

“Mama, you HAVE to blog about this!”

That was Little Miss’ reaction when I came in from letting the chickens out that morning carrying seven eggs in the fold of my shirt.

It was my first morning back after an extended work stay in Dallas, and I got up to let the chickens out and resume my responsibilities at Big House on a Little Prairie. Continue reading “The Chickens Came Before The Eggs”

Why I Put A Hot Dog In A Ninja

ninja hot dog

It wasn’t the Tuesday I was expecting. I put a hot dog in a ninja and mixed it up with some applesauce for a homemade remedy.

You see, I was doing some computer work from my outdoor office (read: patio table) when I heard an incredible commotion from the chickens. It sounded like they were under attack so I ran back to make sure they were all accounted for. Continue reading “Why I Put A Hot Dog In A Ninja”

Exactly Where We’re Supposed To Be

exactly supposed to be

I’m sitting in a camp chair in the garage watching the sun set outside while Hubs cleans the last bit up from our intense day of productivity.

I know this isn’t for everybody, and I know some people read these mind mumbles of mine and think I’ve done gone off the deep end. Sometimes even I wonder if I’m not a bit off my rocker.

But even if I am, I am completely satisfied with today, and incredibly grateful for it. Continue reading “Exactly Where We’re Supposed To Be”

Spring and Big House on a Little Prairie

big house little prairie spring

I may make this observation every April, but it seemed like the cold was going to hang around forever, and the snow storms would just keep coming. This winter seemed so. long. Thankfully, the cold relented and gave way to spring.

We haven’t been in #bighouseonalittleprairie for quite a year, so I’m enjoying experiencing the seasons here for the first time. The onslaught of blackbirds this spring was a bit of a surprise, but I think we’ve all learned to tolerate each other for now. They’ll be gone soon enough and we’ll have our yard back to share with the robins, sparrows, and mourning doves. Continue reading “Spring and Big House on a Little Prairie”

To Harlynn, With Love

Harlynn love

A week ago would have been Harlynn’s fifth birthday. For months, the weight of the number five loomed above my head, and I felt burdened with an awkward responsibility of having been a bereaved parent for that amount of time.

Five years ago, our lives were forever changed. Five years ago, we said goodbye before we ever had the opportunity to say hello. Five. Years. Continue reading “To Harlynn, With Love”