Meal Planning Made Easy

When it comes to meal plans, I’ve done it all.

Before we had kids, and especially when Hubs and I were first married, I created all kinds of new-fangled dishes (even trying to be creative with stale chips when we were broke) and followed recipes for no other reason than to make an impression.

I was all about making sure Hubs had the cooking-est wife on the planet.

Then something happened after we had children. You can only have cereal and frozen waffles for dinner so many times before it stops being an “occurrence” and becomes a lifestyle. Continue reading “Meal Planning Made Easy”

The Christmas Letter I Should Have Written

Christmas cards are one of my favorite holiday traditions. I used to write a sassy  fun letter every year, and I’ve taken only a couple of years off here and there, but this year was a little pathetic. We had no family pictures, not even any kid pictures (Instagram will have to suffice), and a bullet list of highlights instead of a letter.


Here’s the letter I should have mailed…but thought it easier to blog instead. Continue reading “The Christmas Letter I Should Have Written”

The Emotional Dangers Of Decorating: Grief & Holidays

I walked into her room and asked if I could talk to her. It was one of my [many] humbled-mother moments.

Earlier, I had been getting the Christmas decorations out and situated, and in her excitement, she wanted to hand-make, and display, her own decorations throughout the house.

I drew the line firmly – maybe a little too firmly – when she brought out a string with pink, purple, and white ribbons stranded across it. Continue reading “The Emotional Dangers Of Decorating: Grief & Holidays”

A Plumpin’ Pumpkin Pie

I don’t know what’s happening in the universe, where I would publish three kitchen-based blog posts in a row, but we’re going to roll with it.

I mentioned in this other post how Dad bakes pumpkin pies from actual pumpkins, and I was always super impressed by that. Then I started doing it myself, the first time being mostly unsuccessful, though I’ve only gotten better since.

I remember when Mom gave me her cookbook that had Dad’s super-secret pie recipe in it. Dad wasn’t all that thrilled Mom gave me the book, and had to make sure he had a copy of his beloved pie recipe. Continue reading “A Plumpin’ Pumpkin Pie”

The Recipe Your Family Will Fight You For (Apple Pie)

Earlier this week I posted about all the awesome pie productivity I had, and mentioned recipes were forthcoming.

I then realized Thanksgiving is ONE WEEK AWAY. After I recovered from my mini-anxiety attack (just kidding. Kind of.) I thought I should probably post the recipe in case any of you would like to prepare this as part of your holiday dessert, and quickly become the favorite member of the family.

Just sayin. Continue reading “The Recipe Your Family Will Fight You For (Apple Pie)”

Weekend A La Mode

a la mode weekend

Let me start by saying this weekend went nothing – n o t h i n g – like I had planned it.

I was supposed to go to a Mom’s event Saturday morning, have company over Saturday evening, go to church and then go shopping Sunday. None of that happened.

We (as in the whole family) came down with a coughing bug, and basically any time I speak, think about speaking, or blink my right eye, I go into a coughing fit. It’s the absolute worst in the mornings after I’ve been laying down all night, and it takes several hours for my lungs to calm the heck down. Continue reading “Weekend A La Mode”

“I Will Never Homeschool”: The Background

never homeschool

I feel like the longer I homeschool, the more I could talk about it, so this first post will be the history, if you will, of our decision to homeschool.

A little background. When I was in a kid in school, I knew some people who homeschooled. A few were good friends of mine, but my mind couldn’t grasp how anyone could successfully school at home.

Try as I might (and if I’m being honest, I didn’t try at all), I couldn’t fathom not going to school. I was a student council member (still have the t-shirt), I was in pep club – heck, my senior year, I was the MASCOT. I loved the socialization of school. Continue reading ““I Will Never Homeschool”: The Background”

Why I Stopped Eating Pork (once upon a time)

A while back, I sent a survey to my subscribers (that sounds so official) asking what they’d be interested in learning about me. I put in one answer just to take up space, knowing no one would take it seriously or give it a second thought.

Except I think every person who answered the survey checked that answer.

I don’t know why I didn’t think anyone would pick it. Then again I’m not sure why I chose that as my space-saver topic to make the quiz look meatier, as it were… Continue reading “Why I Stopped Eating Pork (once upon a time)”

When I Had Church At The Airport

It was undeniably God-ordained, and it almost didn’t happen.

That’s how I explain an encounter I had on my flight home from Dallas, TX. I spent five days in Dallas for a work event, and while I was gone, Hubs and kiddos moved from #littleapartmentontheprairie to our #bighouseonalittleprairie. I left North Dakota, spent five days in Dallas, and returned home to rural Minnesota – all of which is symbolic in a unique way and I will attempt to unpack later. But for now, back to the trip home.

dallas airport Continue reading “When I Had Church At The Airport”

Hell in the Hallway

Recently, I prayed for a man who lost his job last winter and has been searching for another job since. It isn’t for lack of effort that he hasn’t found work yet. It seems his field is a competitive one and for whatever reason, he hasn’t been able to secure a new position.

My heart ached for him. I could feel the frustration in his voice. This in-between place he’s in is what I heard a man once refer to as the “hell in the hallway.” When God closes one door and while you’re waiting to find the next open door, you experience hell in the hallway.

hallway hell

Continue reading “Hell in the Hallway”