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Why I Stopped Eating Pork (once upon a time)

A while back, I sent a survey to my subscribers (that sounds so official) asking what they’d be interested in learning about me. I put in one answer just to take up space, knowing no one would take it seriously…
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The Best Wednesday Of My Kitchen’s Life

I’m not sure what you were doing last Wednesday night at 8:45, but I was rolling around on the floor in absolute awe and amazement. Nothing freaky-deaky. Here’s what happened… I was working away on my computer when I thought…
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What’s Cooking?

I did something I haven’t done in ages. It’s been so long, in fact, when I started doing it again I thought I might wither and die from the stress and strain. My head was spinning, my breathing was labored, and…
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Too Many Leftover Mashed Potatoes?

One of my favorite coffee shops in town gives you a little donut on top of your cup when you order a hot coffee. One day (soon… I can feel it!) when the Lord moves us out into the middle…
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Southern Comfort To The Rescue

This would have made a great video, but I still don’t have a voice and am battling this cold, so a lengthy post will have to do. I’m one who never understands why people who post recipes have to go…
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How A Chicken Keeps You Sane

Many moons ago, someone submitted a survey suggesting I post recipes. Whoever you are, if you still read my blog today, this post is for you. Really, it’s for anyone tired of cooking the same thing repeatedly, running out of creative…
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