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Little Apartment On The Prairie On Video!


I’ve started a new thing. Well, new to me, and about 10+ years strong for every other internet guru out there.

I’ve got episodes of our life on YouTube! I thought The Little Apartment On The Prairie would be better suited brought to life by actual glimpses into our day-to-day.

Val Vlog: 30-Day Faith Detox Recap With Special Guest: Mr. Hubs!

The vlog is live! Our video recap of our detox journey during and since, and I’m joined by my handsome co-host, Hubs!

3 Reasons Having Curly Hair is Awesome

I have naturally curly hair. Most often, it gives me attitude. Today it was behaving, so I gave it some love on this shout-out vid. #curlyhairproblems

Wisdom Teeth? More Like Teeth Of Terror!

I would be lying to you if I told you I wasn’t worked up or nervous about having my wisdom teeth removed. Three years ago when I went in for the surgical consult, my dentist had already told me he…
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Val Vlog #10: Stress Away & Perspective

Sometimes the way we perceive things or think about them actually creates a roadblock for us, rather than a stepping stone. Find out what I mean on today’s Val Vlog:

Val Vlog 9: Special Guest Tracy Fixen (dotcom!)

Today’s vlog features special guest, Tracy Fixen of tracyfixen.com! We tackle parenting topics, and how to bring calm to your crazy.