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We’re Going Home

Right now, it’s 82 degrees outside with 46% humidity. A little more humidity, and I would call it the perfect day. (Not southern humidity, mind you.) I’m sitting with our patio door wide open, letting the apartment fill with heat,…
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When Living Simply Is Complicated

[ insert giant sigh here ] Oh, friends. I’ve shared a few times my¬†love for sleep. How when I was younger, my family was afraid to rouse me from slumber, because it was like waking a bear from hibernation. Someone…
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Little Apartment On The Prairie: An Update

Apartment on the Prairie

Last week, I shared my¬†radical decision to bid my personal Facebook farewell. I received mixed feedback. Half of you seemed excited and even inspired to exercise your own social media discipline. Half of you were questioning my decision, and possibly…
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Little Apartment On The Prairie


Each night at kiddo bedtime, hubs has been reading chapters from The Little House series, written by Laura Ingalls. It fills me with nostalgia from reading those books when I was a child, but more than that, I’m struck by…
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