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Harlynn’s Gift To Mama

I’ve really been struggling. I’m leaving for a business conference, and it’s a high-energy, intense 3-day event. The last day of the event is April 9th, and I leave a room of 1,000 of my new best friends to fly…
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God Is A Good Gift Giver

“God is a good gift giver.” Tahni Cullen’s son, Josiah, had typed those words on his iPad. As a toddler, Josiah stopped talking. Tahni wrote¬†a book to explain how autism stole his words, but God gave him a voice. As…
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Another Year, Another Chance

Yesterday was my 36th birthday. Thirty-six years ago, on a Sunday evening, I made my entrance into the world and have been trying to make my mark in it ever since. Things aren’t exactly where I thought they’d be. I’d…
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Happy birthday, Babe!


As you all know, I’m crazy. About my husband, I mean. Crazy about my husband. Slow down. Almost 16 years ago, this shy, handsome fellow stepped out of his car to meet me for the first time. He’s been letting…
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35 Facts About 35 Years

It’s my birthday soon. I’ll be 35. I was planning my week and saw that my birthday was coming up. I actually spaced it. 35. Gulp. I remember being a kid and wishing upon a star to skip the kid…
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730 Days of Moments

Two years. Two years, Harlynn. April 9th, we learned you had already left us before we ever got to see your blue eyes, hear your cries….anything. 12:16 a.m. April 10th, you were delivered. And all was silent. These last two…
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