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Harlynn’s Gift To Mama

I’ve really been struggling. I’m leaving for a business conference, and it’s a high-energy, intense 3-day event. The last day of the event is April 9th, and I leave a room of 1,000 of my new best friends to fly…
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Happy New Everything

Another year is fresh before us, full of excitement, anticipation, hope, and motivation. For what, though? Yesterday I had to be at church early to sing. A late night in combination with a head cold and an early morning had…
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Three Kids, Three Parenting Styles

three parenting styles

I have three children. Two living, one waiting for us in heaven. All three children occupy my heart to the fullest, yet I respond to each one differently. Little Miss is my first child, and had her own traumatic entrance…
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Breaking the Curse of Autumn


I’m a sunshine girl. I love sunshine, I need sunshine, I bask in sunshine, and I feel better when the sun shines. The sun is not shining today. However, every now and again, the cloud cover (and in today’s case,…
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Healing: The Misconception


“I just want you to reach total healing.” His words were dripping with cautious pity. My eyes closed and I let out a heavy sigh. He doesn’t get it. He couldn’t, because he’s never experienced it. I grow so tired…
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Turning Pages: Why Moving Forward Is Our Only Choice

That’s how I felt for so long after April 9th, 2013. I didn’t want to turn the pages. I did everything I could to prevent the story from moving forward. There was no point, in my mind, of reading any further into our future.

April Showers: Tears

I didn’t start off on the greatest foot this morning. I somehow managed to hairspray my left eye instead of my hair. It stung a little, but my eyelashes looked amazing the rest of the day. It’s little, absentminded things…
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Making Moments Count: A Manifesto

Prior to 2013, I thought I had life figured out. My marriage had overcome some serious obstacles, our oldest daughter had overcome her dramatic entrance into the world two months prematurely, I was (slowly) climbing the corporate ladder, building skills…
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The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.  ~ Psalm 23:4 Christian or not, you’re most likely familiar…
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October was a little rougher for me than I remember it being previously. I spent the first half of the month preparing emotionally and otherwise for the memorial service Harlynn’s Heart was putting on for our community of bereaved parents.…
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