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The Bedtime Hoops: 4 Important Questions To Ask Your Kids Every Night (Guest Post)

A few years ago, I signed up for the 31-Day Challenge: a challenge to blog every single day for 31 (consecutive!) days. Through that process, I came to know Christine. While we’ve never met in person (yet!), we have always felt…
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How to Ruin a Friday Night in 10 Simple Steps

I’ve shared before how I have no sense of style, and I used to tell people “I got dressed in the dark” when really I just didn’t have a clue what went together or how to make an outfit. Lately,…
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Summer Lovin’

“I mommed so hard today.” Those words ran through my mind as I crossed the threshold of home after a morning at the splash pad. If there had been a survival badge, I would have somehow adhered it to my…
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My Son the Philosopher: How My One-Year-Old Schooled Me On Life

In the days leading up to Little Man’s first birthday, I was feeling increasingly like a failure. “Mom fail” after mom fail, as they’re now known, seemed to be the only items on my list of achievements. I had nothing…
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