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Stop Fighting And Start Serving

I waited tables for five years, and have shared before how grateful I am for everything that experience taught me about life. The first two years I waited tables, I loved it. LOVED it. I was ready to quit college…
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Lucky 13: A Post About My Husband


I can’t help myself. Every year, on or around my anniversary, I have to write a post about my husband. Because how else will the masses¬†know how amazing he is unless I put it in writing and publish it on…
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Making Moments Count: A Manifesto

Prior to 2013, I thought I had life figured out. My marriage had overcome some serious obstacles, our oldest daughter had overcome her dramatic entrance into the world two months prematurely, I was (slowly) climbing the corporate ladder, building skills…
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What Good Am I?

I’ve fallen behind from where I wanted to be with my book-writing, but I’m still plugging along. It’s at a slower, less productive pace than I was aiming for, but it’s progress, nonetheless. One thing that has really surprised me…
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So I Want to Write a Book…

“Spit in one hand, wish in the other, and see which one fills up faster.” That was what we heard every time we “wished” for a new toy, or new clothes, or something new and exciting (read: fleeting and forgotten…
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Why We’ve Got Marriage All Wrong

We’ve got marriage all wrong, people. With the recent SCOTUS ruling regarding same-sex marriage, all kinds of fires on all sides of the issue have been blazing around social media. I have too many thoughts and views on it to…
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Why I Broke Up With My Ball And Chain

Twelve years ago on May 24th, I walked down the aisle, sick with salmonella and strep throat, and exchanged vows with Brent. I don’t remember much about the ceremony other than it was much shorter than I anticipated, and I looked amazing. That night, we drove away as husband and wife to begin our lives together as a married couple. As a ball and chain.

Twelve years later, I had to make a tough call. I had to break it off with my ball and chain.

Why I Married a Jerk

Later this month marks 12 years since Brent and I walked down the aisle. Normally this time each year, I write a mushy-gushy post on how amazing he is, and I wish him a happy anniversary with butterflies and unicorns…
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Broken Together: My Husband Does Not Complete Me

Twelve years we’ve been married. Twelve years. Well, not yet, but in another couple of months. I was going to save this post for our anniversary, but I’m kind of an impatient person. A lot of people lost bets after…
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